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When you need a new policy, why should you turn to The Yurconic Agency? Why wouldn’t you just do an internet search for providers and work directly with the source? Call up Geico, Progressive, or State Farm, then determine the best option on your own and pay your premium. If you’re inexperienced in the marketplace, or even if you know what you’re doing, you still may be missing out on the best coverage, price, and advice. The Yurconic Agency treats each potential and current client like family. And family protects its own. Here’s how we are different than stand-alone insurance providers and why you should work with us:

We Represent More than Just One Provider

As an insurance agency, we have working relationships with multiple insurance companies. Companies like Nationwide, Donegal, Foremost, and many more. When you’re looking for a new or updated insurance policy, you don’t have to just accept any rate and coverage terms. We take the time to understand your personal situation to make sure you’re not only getting the coverage you need but at the best rate available across all of our partners. Since we have relationships with these insurance companies, they want to work with us to get you good rates and even better coverage. After gathering policies from our partners, we assess their terms and provide you with a quote we think would be in your best interest. Aren’t satisfied? We can give you other options or reach out to other providers. Easy as that. 

Personal Service

We’re a Lehigh Valley-based company with community roots. We understand and experience the same day-to-day dealings as our clients and work to make sure you’re satisfied with your coverage. As your agent, we advocate for you to the insurance companies and are always in your corner. In addition, our relationship doesn’t just stop when the policy is signed. We continue to monitor lifestyle or market changes that can affect your policy and are here for you whenever you need to make a change or simply have a question. Don’t forget – we’re licensed agents. We’re experts in our craft, so don’t be afraid to speak with us about any concern you may have. There’s no such thing as “stupid questions!”

One-Stop Shop

Need car insurance? Home? What about event or valuables coverage? Have a kid that’s going off to college and needs a policy for a rental? We can do all of that for you and more. No matter the protection you’re looking for, The Yurconic Agency can package and bundle coverages to get you what you need. Whether you’re looking for personal, business, life insurance, or all three – we’re committed to finding the best policy for you!

No matter your coverage needs, The Yurconic Agency can help. Get in touch to talk more about your situation and get started.