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Avoid These Holiday Hazards to Stay Safe! Image

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it comes an influx of holidays, traveling to see loved ones, and cold weather! With all the hectic holiday plans, added decorations, and lowering temps, it’s not uncommon for accidents to occur. Read on to understand what risks you face this time of year.

Fire Safety

As the cool weather rolls in outside, inside, you’ll be turning up the heat! Practice electrical safety when using space heaters by not using power strips or extension cords. You’ll want to plug these devices directly into the wall outlet to avoid fire hazards; the external outlets can’t handle the high voltage of a heater and can cause overheating! 

If cozy vibes are your thing, make sure to be mindful of the candles burning around your home. Only burn your candles for 4 hours or less to avoid mushroom wicks that can cause unstable sparks to fly. Set an alarm or reminder to blow out your candles, especially if it’s late at night, in case you fall asleep. Keep the candles away from pets and children, and on a flat, sturdy surface. 

Finally, Christmas Trees account for roughly 200 home fires a year. Don’t become another statistic and secure your tree firmly on a base, away from fireplaces and heat sources, and turn off the lights when not in use. Keeping real trees watered daily will also prevent your tree from drying out quickly and being more flammable.

Travel Safety

While holidays are a time to celebrate, make sure to make smart decisions when enjoying libations. Don’t drink and drive and be mindful of weather reports when deciding on getting behind the wheel. If there is heavy snow or ice, making alternate plans is a safer, and smarter choice. If you happen to get stuck in a winter storm or break down while it’s cold, a preventative emergency kit in your trunk can be a saving grace! 

Preventing Injuries

The holidays can find yourself operating on autopilot, missing common mistakes that you’d otherwise avoid. With all the holiday treats and feasts, the probability of choking and consuming undercooked food increases. Monitor your child’s intake and keep turkey bones away from dinner plates – and the edge of the counter for your pet’s safety! Learning CPR can also be beneficial for dinner parties so someone is knowledgeable in case of an emergency. 

Finally, decking the halls sometimes means breaking out the ladder to hang lights and decorations inside or outside your home. Always place your ladder on a sturdy surface and have someone at the base holding it steady. It’s also important to keep metal ladders away from powerlines.

Being aware of common holiday mishaps can help you avoid any future hazards. Review your homeowner’s policy with us to make sure you’re covered in case of disaster.