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A bulldozer on a construction site

As construction resumes across the country thanks to the warmer weather, safety and security on-site becomes the utmost importance. Construction and manufacturing can be risky fields. Working with heavy equipment, tools, dangerous heights, or company vehicles poses a heightened risk to your business, employees, and job site. Other than making sure you’re prepared with the mandatory coverage, such as General Liability Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, or more, make sure your site is secured in order to reduce loss and potentially lower your premium!

Jobsite safety should be on everyone’s radar when working on a project. But certain factors may not be as obvious to all on-site. One common job site item to be aware of are space heaters or any product that emits fire or heat. They can be helpful during the chilly months, but keeping them near particular products can be a hazard. Paint or spackle buckets, for example, could ignite if left near a heat source.

Tools and equipment are bound to be rampant across your construction site. Having a designated worker be in charge of locking up these expensive and dangerous items, or taking them with the team when they leave for the day, can avoid any potential mishaps or theft. 

If your team doesn’t work around the clock, stationing a security team or installing cameras will provide you with peace of mind that your site is kept safe. Improving your lighting equipment on the job will avoid poor sight errors and potential mishaps. 

As always, providing and mandating PPE for your workers, such as hard hats, safety glasses, masks, etc, will protect you in the case of a policy inquiry. 

If your business needs insurance, talk to the experts. We are trained to find the best quote for your needs and provide further assistance on ways you can lower your premium on the job site. Let’s get to work, so you can have peace of mind!