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Business Insurance: One Size Doesn’t Fit All Image

Whether you’re an owner of a multi-million-dollar business or a solo entrepreneur opening your first shop, you’ll need business insurance. But those that employ just one person won’t have the same needs as a large company. Business insurance policies are completely customizable through The Yurconic Agency for your individual needs.

Business insurance protects companies of all sizes from liability and financial loss including lawsuits, theft, property damage, employee accidents, and more. Just like you protect your home and health from unforeseen circumstances, your business is your income, so it’s important to protect it too.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy making up 99.9% of all American businesses. Locally operated franchises, self-employed shops, or restaurants with 50 employees are all types of small businesses, among many others. Small businesses need customizable insurance to fit their size and industry, including those who work out of their home! 

Customizable coverage for small businesses through The Yurconic Agency includes a Business Owners Policy (BOP) which contains business liability and interruption insurance as well as commercial property insurance. A popular type of small business is an LLC or Limited Liability Company. An LLC protects owners from debts and fines, keeping their personal finances secure if their company goes bankrupt. 

Businesses in certain industries need special coverage based on their products or services. For example, companies that work with animals, are in the maritime industry, construction, and fine art would need specialized coverage, as well as establishments that distribute alcohol would need liquor liability, among other examples.

If your company offers vehicles to its employees or uses vehicles for its business, Business Auto Insurance is a necessity. We can help customize your coverage based on the size of your fleet and use of the vehicles. Similarly, workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs due to an employee accident, injury, or even death. Finally, technology businesses should consider Technology Errors & Omissions and Cyber Liability Insurance to properly protect themselves. 

Here at The Yurconic Agency, we shop over 30 insurance carriers to find our clients the best rate for their needs. We can work with you to customize your coverage, add or remove policies, and help you determine any specialized coverage that may be best for your size business. Reach out today to speak with the experts and get the coverage that fits your business!