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Telecommuting is an effective way for businesses to stay in business. Having your employees work from home is an efficient way to keep your employees and community safe while maintaining productivity. This will continue to become more familiar to common among businesses, not only as part of a business plan during a pandemic like COVID-19, but in the future.

This can be a smart move for a business’s bottom line. Employees are more efficient at home, with fewer workplace distractions than in an office setting. They tend to experience less stress, as they don’t need to commute in heavy rush hour traffic, and those reduced stress levels lead to higher job satisfaction. Companies also incur less overhead and operating costs.

There are drawbacks, though. For starters, telecommuters may be a data breach risk for your business. In order to minimize your business’s cyber liability exposures, an employee’s at-home setup needs to be as secure as what you use in the office.

Keep Hackers away with Cybersecurity Insurance.

Cybersecurity Insurance (also called Cyber Risk Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance, or Data Breach Insurance) can be a powerful addition to your response plan of not only preventing cyber-attacks, but also being prepared to respond if and when one happens.

Educate your employees with a training program for the best practices on security. It is very important that everyone in your company, especially those who work outside of the office, are up-to-date on all security precautions.

Make sure to protect yourself and your customers all year round, with complete business insurance and cybersecurity coverage. For more information, or to speak to a representative about adding cybersecurity coverage to your plan, contact us by calling 610-770-6600 today.