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Most first time homebuyers don’t begin their journey by thinking about homeowner’s insurance, but maybe they should.

There are many aspects of a home that can increase your insurance, save you big, or even make you ineligible entirely. Knowing what impacts your eligibility and where you can save money is useful information to have before stepping through the threshold of any potential home.

The two factors it really comes down to is the year the home was built and any subsequent updates made. Newer homes are usually less expensive to insure because all of the main operating systems of the house are new. This includes the roof, wiring, heating, electric, and HVAC. Homes that are over 20 years old but have had updated systems will often receive discounted insurance.

To take the guesswork out of what to look for, we’ve put together an outline of useful information to have on hand:

Big Savers

  • Monitored home alarm systems such as fire or burglar alarms
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Permanently installed generators
  • Water temperature and moisture sensors
  • Living in a gated community with security guard or security access code required for entrance

Costly Features

  • Pools– inground or above ground (if they have a diving board or slide they may make your home ineligible depending on your insurance carrier)
  • Trampolines with a safety net
  • Older homes with no modern updates (20-30 years old)
  • Freestanding wood/coal/pellet stoves
  • Solar panels


  • Unfenced inground pools, or above ground pools with no locking deck or retractable ladder
  • Trampolines without a safety net
  • Older homes without updates (30+ years)

To find out more information about homeowners’ insurance and learn how YUR team of agents can save you big, call 610-770-6600.