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Bringing Awareness to Cybersecurity Threats

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is observed every October, yet it is an important topic to consider year-round. With more of us working from home on unsecured networks, investing in cyber protection is a valuable consideration.

You may think, “I’m a small fish, I don’t need cyber protection.” The truth is, if large companies like Target and Shell can be penetrated, what makes you think that you won’t be affected too?

Our business team understands the digital risks your business can face, and we want to make sure you are best prepared for the new-age threats.

Why Cyber Protection is Important

Cybercrimes are crimes of opportunity. Hackers see an opening and they go for it. Here at The Yurconic Agency, we understand the importance of not just having cyber liability, but preparing your business for the worst by teaching you how to best protect your digital assets through a cyber assessment.

Cyber Insurance is More Important than Ever

As technology continues to develop, the users become smarter and savvier. The more you wait to get cyber insurance, the more advanced hackers become. It is important to prioritize this coverage for your business.

Cyber-Attacks can Happen Anywhere

Cyber-attacks are often profiled on the news, and data breaches are no longer uncommon. Our job as your agent is to point out the risks your company faces digitally and make sure you’re protected from the unexpected.

Cyber is an important policy to consider when protecting your business from outside threats. Digital crime can ruin your business. Talk to The Yurconic Agency today to discuss your needs and get started.

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