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An illustration of Santa about to fall off of a house while a reindeer and sled

Although it’s our hope that everyone’s holiday season is full of comfort and joy, there’s bound to be some mishaps. Last year we covered some very real holiday destruction you may face. This year, we took it to the big screen.

Almost every great Christmas movie features some huge holiday catastrophe that leaves viewers, and insurance professionals, wincing. Thankfully, our agents are ready to pick up the pieces if you find yourself in some of the most famous Christmas catastrophes.

Did your son set up traps to catch burglars who in turn destroyed the house and caused someone to get injured in your home?

Strangely, we think we’ve dealt with this exact situation once before. Thankfully, the damage to your house should be covered under your homeowner’s policy, if it was caused by intruders. And, if you have an umbrella policy, that extends the amount of liability you’re granted  in case of an injury on your property. Thankfully if a burglar gets injured in your home, you’re likely not liable.

A family member lit the Christmas tree on fire with their cigar?

Christmas tree fires are not as common as people assume; however, if it does happen, the damage would only be covered under your homeowners policy if it was an accident. If the tree going up in flames was an accident and not negligence, your coverage may include replacing any damaged presents and possibly any hotel accommodations you may need while repairs are made or smoke damage is cleared. Keeping your Christmas tree well watered and away from any fire hazards is the key to fire prevention.

Your cousin emptied his RV’s sewage into the storm drains and caused an explosion?
Unfortunately, sewer backups are not typically part of a standard homeowner or RV policy. And, causing issues to the entire city’s sewer is a different story and would likely be a costly mistake that insurance will not cover. Play it safe by disposing of sewage properly to avoid any city-wide catastrophes.

Woke up to stolen presents, and stolen Christmas

Presents that go missing from your home due to theft are covered by homeowner’s insurance. Thefts from your porch may be a different story. And, the grinch stealing Christmas entirely? Well, let’s hope that that doesn’t happen.

Santa fell off the roof and you find yourself as his replacement?

An umbrella policy is always a good idea to extend the amount of liability you’re covered. This should likely help you if someone falls off your roof.  If that person happens to be Santa and you have to take his place, you’re in luck. Santa just happens to be one of our clients. And, with a worker’s comp policy from Yurconic we can make sure that the North Pole stays up and running in the meantime.

For all of your holiday mishaps, and non-holiday insurance situations, you can trust your team of agents at The Yurconic Agency. We’re here to help you get the very best insurance coverage available, no matter what! Stop by one of our locations or call an agent today to get a no-obligation, free quote, or to discuss your policy.