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A girl wears a red elf dress and candy cane stockings by a Christmas tree and gifts

The holiday season is upon us, and although we are hoping for this season to be merry and bright, it’s not without potentially destructive holiday catastrophes. Here are some of the top holiday catastrophes that you should protect yourself against:

Christmas Tree Fires

The majority of Christmas tree fires have to do with faulty lighting equipment, or lights igniting a very dry tree. Be sure to check your Christmas lights for broken bulbs or cords, and keep your tree adequately watered if you opt for a real tree. It’s also important to not put your tree (real or artificial) too close to any heating unit. These tips can be used in an attempt to prevent a Christmas tree related fire, but you should still make sure you are up-to-date with full renter’s/ homeowner’s insurance to protect you in the case of an accidental fire.

Frozen Pipes & Water Leaks

Temperatures are dropping, and that means homeowners are at risk for frozen pipes, which could lead to cracking and bursting. The headaches of repairs and damaged property cannot be avoided in the case of a burst pipe; however, insurance can help offset the cost of repairs and help replace some, if not all, damaged items.

Snow & Cars

Driving during the winter comes with many added hazards. Collision coverage can help protect damage done to your card as a result of an accident, and liability coverage will cover damage you cause to another driver’s car. What it won’t cover is damage as a result of snow covered branches or ice. Make sure you discuss adding comprehensive car insurance coverage to your plan to keep you protected this winter.

Package Theft

Online shopping significantly increases during the holiday season, and sadly so does package theft. Last year, US Today reported that 30% of Americans have had a package stolen from their porch. While it is always a good idea to send packages to a safe location, whether that be an office or a private residence, it’s not always possible to be home to receive a package.  Many retailers will replace packages with few questions, but that is not always the case. Some homeowner’s insurance plans will cover stolen packages, and others will not. Discuss this concern with your insurance representative to ensure you have the most complete coverage.

The holiday season also sees an uptick in packages stolen from cars while out holiday shopping. Ask your insurance representative if your car insurance covers such incidents, and avoid leaving valuables in your car overnight.

Home intruders

Similar to package theft, the holidays are met with an increase in home intrusion cases and subsequent theft. This can be a scary and life-altering experience. It’s always best to break down boxes and conceal them in trash bags, rather than advertising the new TV you purchased by putting the intact box out for the trash.  It’s also always a good idea to not advertise that you are going to be out of town on social media– as smart thieves are not only watching your home but your social media as well.

Have a secondary home or vacation house? Unoccupied secondary homes have an increased risk of burglary. Make sure you discuss your secondary home insurance options with a representative to ensure all homes are fully protected.

Guest’s Slip & Fall

Many people use this time of year to open their home up to gather with family and friends. This also means additional risk, due to increased visitors and the potential hazards that come hand in hand with winter weather. The last thing anyone wants is a family member slipping on an icy driveway, or trip over a cord or on a rug. Have peace of mind this holiday season by ensuring that you’re sufficiently protected against liabilities in your home and on your property.

No matter the potential catastrophe, Yurconic has you covered. Schedule a time to talk to one of our personal insurance representatives to discuss adding coverage to your existing plan, and keep your holiday season free for celebrating.