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The holidays have come and gone, but they may have left you with new, expensive gifts in your household. Certain products may need additional coverage, can alter your policy, or even save you money! Our guide will encourage you to be excited and grateful for your possessions even after the holiday excitement has worn off.


Some homeowners’ policies do not cover individual valuable jewelry pieces or have a limit on their coverage. If your sparkly new surprise from the holidays is of sentimental or valuable importance, a separate policy for valuable possessions is encouraged. This coverage also extends to incidents that occur outside of the home. It’s a win-win!

Appliances & Big Electronics

New TVs and appliances like that new smart washer and dryer you’ve been eyeing, leave you with big boxes for disposal. Leaving those empty boxes outside your home for pickup is an advertisement for what is inside – attracting potential robbers. Keep your home safe after the holidays by breaking down these boxes or dropping them off yourself at a recycling center.

Also check on your homeowners’ policy to see if your new, expensive gift may leave you in need of additional coverage. The Yurconic Team can walk you through your current policy and suggest the best course of action.

A New Car

Were you one of those lucky people who walked outside Christmas morning to a big red bow on a shiny new car? Congratulations! But don’t forget your auto coverage! Vehicle insurance is required by law in almost all states. It will protect not only your shiny new toy but yourself and others.

Save with Security Cameras

One popular gift this holiday season that can save you money is security camera systems like video doorbells! Insurance carriers take your precautionary measures into consideration when developing your policy. When you’re better defended, insurance companies see your property as less of a risk. You can chat with an agent to discuss a policy discount thanks to your new gift installation making your home more secure.

If you received any of these items this holiday, or have more questions about changes to your policies, contact The Yurconic Agency where our trained representatives will answer any questions you may have, 610-770-6600