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How Does an Insurance Agency Shop For You? Image

The main benefit of working with an insurance agency like Yurconic is that it’s a one-stop shop. There’s no wasting time calling multiple providers looking for the best deals and coverage – that’s our job! So how does the process work? Read on to understand how The Yurconic Agency is dedicated to our customer’s best interests.

Step 1: Provide Information

Before an agent at Yurconic does all the work, we need some information from you to get started! First, we need the client’s basic personal information such as name, birthdate, address, contact, and driver’s license information. We set up a quick meeting, virtual or in-person, to go over specific underwriting questions than can affect your coverage such as how many assets you have, the age of those assets, the number of dependents, and more. Certain elements can be a benefit or detriment to one’s policy that you didn’t even know could be a factor. These include one’s student eligibility, career, how much you drive (such as if you have a long commute to work), your family history, and more. We make sure to get to know our clients and their routines in order to ask the right questions. Finally, if you are currently insured, we ask for your current insurance declarations page so we can see what type of coverage you currently have and work to get you a better rate. 

Step 2: We Shop, You Save

After gathering your information, we reach out to over 15 insurance partners to assess their policy options, compare coverage, and gather rates. After determining the best bang for your buck, we draft up a proposal and provide you with the best rate and coverage combination. Depending on the number of policies needed, the turnaround time is typically 1-2 days! You can also receive a quote immediately at one of our notary offices if you are doing a title transfer and need the insurance to complete that transaction.

Step 3: An Agent for Life

After choosing your new policy, our agents are available for any questions and to assist with potential changes or issues as they arise. No need to contact the insurance provider directly! The Yurconic Agency’s customer service is unmatched. Consider us your personal insurance advisors. We can even re-shop for you year after year to work on continuing to find a better rate!

Contact us today to get started.