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Reopening your business in the time of COVID-19 comes with layers of liability and you need to be prepared. Many of your insurance policies may factor into helping you protect your business from unmitigated risks; however, you also need a foolproof action plan and proof that your plan works.

Here’s what we recommend:

Develop a Plan and Write it Down

This is helpful for a variety of reasons. It allows your team to get on the same page with the plan, and implement it properly. It also serves as proof in a court of law that you did take steps to decrease risk. Document your plan so that you get credit for all the hard work you are doing to ensure this disease is not spreading!

Communicate Your Plan & Enact Training

In the event that you are sued, it almost always comes down to training. You can have the best plan in place, but if it is not communicated properly, it is usually deemed ineffective. Ensure your employees are getting training on the policies you are establishing.

Create an Audit Process

The one thing that is usually missed when implementing protection for litigation is an audit process. You can have the best written plan and communicate it with training, but if you don’t know if your employees are compliant it presents a problem.

Make sure your supervisors or safety managers enforce an audit process to track effectiveness.

Monitor Efficacy & Revise
Once your plan is in place and training and auditing have happened, you are not done. Not only do you need to implement it and follow it but you need to review it and modify it. As new situations arise, be ready to adapt and pivot to new plans and new policies. Then the whole cycle needs to continue all over again to ensure you are keeping everyone safe.

Once people get comfortable, the plan tends to fall away. Make sure you are vigilantly monitoring and adhering to the plan and modifying it as the situation necessitates.

We are all responsible for keeping our workforce, customers, and community and safe.

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