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An illustrated town with a car driving to the Yurconic Agency

We understand the impact that COVID-19 is having on our community and small businesses. Not only is The Yurconic Agency a proud family-owned small business, but many of our customers are local small business owners as well.

Right now it is extremely important for us to do our part in stopping the spread of the virus by staying home. It is also equally important that we support our local business community as much as possible so that they can stay afloat and be there for us when our communities reopen.

Here are some ways we suggest supporting businesses during this trying time:

Buy Gift Cards

Even if a local business is not currently open, see if you can buy a gift card electronically or over the phone to provide the business with necessary cash flow to pay their rent and bills. It’s a kind way to let businesses know they are important to you and gives you something to look forward to once they are open.

Online ShoppingGo Local

If you are shopping online for necessary items, try to support a local business! Many small businesses that are not open for walk-in retail are still selling items online or over the phone for curbside pick up or shipment. This could mean groceries, toiletries, takeout, garden supplies, and more! Try to source locally as much as possible to help our local economy.

Food Pick-Up

The restaurants and businesses in the service industry are hard hit by this shutdown. Thankfully, many are still open for takeout. Supporting your favorite local restaurants with contactless pick-up or delivery is a great way to show some local love and not have to cook dinner every night.

Go Bigger on Tipping

If you are doing curbside pick-up or delivery, make sure you are tipping more than usual. Essential workers are the backbone of our community right now, and we can show them how much they matter to us through our tips!

Share On Social Media

If you are supporting local businesses, share it on your social media with a picture of takeout or a shout out to a local delivery that you received. This helps spread awareness of what local businesses are doing, and may even encourage a friend or family member to join in on the local support.

We love supporting the local businesses that matter to us and we want to ensure that they are still there for us when the stay-at-home order is lifted.

From all of us at The Yurconic Agency to all of our community members, clients, and favorite local businesses, stay at home and continue to support your local community.