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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month! Why would a type of insurance need an entire month dedicated to bringing awareness to it, you may ask? Well, because so many people don’t have it or don’t think they need it! The past year has brought unknowns and life changes for many people. It is more important now than ever to protect yourself and your loved ones from unforeseen circumstances.

Who needs life insurance?

Our Life and Health Insurance representative, Don Friedman, is an expert on this not-often-talked-about coverage option. Hear him breakdown who should have life insurance:


What type of life insurance should I get?

Now that you’ve determined you need life insurance, you may be wondering what type is best for you. Watch Don break down the three most common types and how to determine which is best for your situation:


How do I get life insurance?

After determining what type of life insurance meets your needs, you may be wondering what the process of getting this insurance looks like. Don explains the steps, medical processes, and timeline in the next video:


Life Insurance is Important

Life insurance is crucial for making sure your loved ones are protected in case of unexpected circumstances, and Don is passionate about spreading this message. Listen to his parting wisdom about this life-changing coverage option:


Be prepared for the unexpected and protect yourself and your loved ones with life insurance. Contact Don today to get a personalized quote and discover the best coverage for you.