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The new year is the perfect time to reevaluate your coverage and get your affairs in order. If you’ve experienced life or business changes, The Yurconic Agency is trained to make adjustments to your policy or renew your auto paperwork. Contact us to make updates on the following services for a personalized, quick, and low-cost experience!


You’ve worked hard this past year. Personal insurance coverage, like home and auto, ensures that your biggest assets are protected. Any improvements to your home like a new security system or the addition of a deck or trampoline should be noted to our agents so we can reassess your policy to make sure you’re covered or even qualify for potential discounts! A new car or certification from a defensive driving course can also affect your auto policy. Got a new job? Some careers like educators, medical professionals, military or firefighters entitle you to an auto policy discount as well!


As a business owner, regularly evaluating your insurance policy is important. The economy is ever-changing, and it can affect your livelihood. If your business has changed at all during 2021, it’s important to discuss those changes with our agents to determine if your current coverage still fits your needs.

Life & Health

Make it your 2022 resolution to invest in your future. Life insurance is the best gift you can give to your family for peace of mind. The younger you are, the lower your premium. So the sooner you invest, the better your rates will be. Be prepared for the unexpected – your future self will thank you. If you currently have a policy but made health changes this past year, you could lower your policy! Our skilled Life and Health representative, Don Friedman, can walk you through the process and explain what options are best for your unique situation.

Vehicle Services

If you moved, got married, divorced, or changed your name in 2021, you’ll need to update your vehicle’s registration and driver’s license to your new address and legal name. Yurconic offers this service as well as basic registration renewal. If you need duplicate registration cards, titles, or plates, we can provide those instantly! Similarly, if your license is set to expire, two of our offices offer photo centers for your convenience.

Let’s leave 2021 in the past and start the new year with peace of mind that you’re getting the best coverage for the best price. Contact the team at The Yurconic Agency today to get started!