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License Plate Doodle against a yellow background

Are you selling your car to someone out of state and don’t want to let them leave with your plate? Or, maybe you are buying a car in Pennsylvania but don’t have a residence here? The John Yurconic Agency can help you by issuing an in-transit plate! An in-transit plate is a 30 day temporary plate that makes you legal to drive the vehicle back to your home state. This will help put the seller and purchaser’s mind at ease and make everything legal. When you arrive at the John Yurconic Agency, we will need the PA title, seller and purchaser’s valid (not expired) driver’s license or state ID and the purchaser’s insurance card. The insurance card has to be in the purchaser’s name and not expired. It does NOT have to be on the vehicle being purchased. We will enter the purchaser’s information into the system and the purchaser will leave with the original title, temporary registration card and temporary cardboard plate. These items are valid for 30 days. Within that time frame, you must title and register the vehicle in the state you reside in. We will give the seller a copy of the notarized title for their records. The seller should remove their current Pennsylvania license plate. If it is still valid there are a few options for that plate. If the owner is purchasing another vehicle they can transfer that plate onto the new vehicle. If they are not planning on using the plate for another vehicle we can send it back to the state for a fee. If the plate is expired, the owner may destroy the plate or retain it.