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Read This Before You Leave for Vacation Image

We all look forward to summer vacation all year-’round. But it’s important to not let the excitement distract you from securing your assets before heading off to paradise. Whether you’re hitting the road, sky, or water, our tips will help you enjoy the trip you worked hard for without having to worry about disaster.

Home Protection

Preparing your home to sit empty for a few days while you’re away can prevent unwanted disasters and leave you relaxed on your vacation. Reviewing your home insurance policy to make sure you have the coverage you need would be the first step. Invest in a security system and video surveillance like doorbells so you can check on your property while away. 

If you have a pool, ensure your fence is up to code and secure and set your filter on a timer before leaving. Set up a thermostat schedule so your home doesn’t get too hot or cold. Unplug any unnecessary appliances and clean out your fridge and garbages to avoid attracting insects.

Vehicle Protection

If you’re going on a road trip this season your vehicle needs to be prepared. Check your car’s tire pressure, make sure it doesn’t need an oil change, and monitor its other fluids so you can avoid a breakdown or accident. Even simply driving to the airport can be a stressful event that can cause major disruption if delayed by a vehicle emergency. Planning ahead will avoid a ruined vacation.

Renting a car while on a trip can be a nerve-wracking experience as well. Consider the additional coverage and review your outstanding policies so you can rest easy that you’re covered in case of damage, accidents, or mechanical failure. 

Finally, registering for an E-Z Pass will help you avoid the hassle of stopping to pay tolls and scrambling around for loose change. Keep your road trip on schedule by enrolling for an E-Z Pass today

If this is your first time taking a vacation and leaving your home, it’s even more important that while you’re making sure you don’t forget to pack toothpaste, you’re protecting what you’re leaving behind. Remember that although these tips and tricks might seem like common sense, you should still be sure to test them out before leaving for an extended trip. Your rest and relaxation don’t need to be interrupted! Work with us to ensure you’re safe, always.