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Spring Maintenance Checklist graphic

When you think spring cleaning your mind may go to downsizing your closet, covering some marks on the wall, or decluttering your space. While this is a great time to tackle your to-do list, don’t forget to do some home maintenance as well! Utilize the mild weather to secure your home and other assets in order to prevent future risks. We’ve compiled a Spring Maintenance Checklist to make it easy:

Inside Your Home

  • Check that your fire extinguisher has not expired and is in good condition.
  • Tune up your air conditioning unit and check for leaks before the hot season.
  • Check your dryer exhaust duct for lint buildup and clean out to prevent fires.
  • Inspect and change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Consider adding or upgrading your security system. You could qualify for a discount on your policy!

Outside Your Home

  • Check your roof for any winter weather damage and hire professionals to make repairs.
  • Clean out your gutters so the April showers can flow freely.
  • Store your gas and propane for your grill or lawnmower in a safe, well-ventilated area.
  • Replace rotting boards on your deck and remove any loose or rusty nails.
  • Check your outside faucets for freeze damage by placing your thumb over the flowing water. If it stops, your pipe may be damaged.

Other Assets

  • Review your pool equipment like valves, pumps, and filters before opening. 
  • Replace your liner or acid-wash your concrete pool every 5-10 years.
  • Obtain your launch permit for your un-powered boats.
  • Fully inspect your watercraft before starting up for the season again – especially if it’s been docked all winter.
  • Ensure your classic car is registered before enjoying those top-down drives.

Keeping up with home, vehicle, and asset maintenance every spring is a good routine to have. If you’re missing coverage on your policy, The Yurconic Agency can assist you in reviewing and obtaining the insurance your need to be fully covered. Reach out to talk more about Spring to-do’s and get a free quote today.