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Stay Dry, Stay Warm, Stay Safe this Fall Image

That autumn breeze and falling leaves make for a picturesque season full of fun activities. But all the cozy weather can lead to dangerous incidents if you’re unprepared! The season brings two main changes: more rain/wet conditions, and the need for warmth. Make sure your home is ready to withstand the season by following our tips for fall.

Stay Dry

While hurricanes are more common in the south, the strong storm’s aftermath can still impact the Northeast or experience downgraded Tropical Storms. Windy, fall weather brings falling leaves, and when you add rain, they can get slippery. Keep your sidewalks and pathways clear of leaves to avoid slipping and falling on them, watch while driving for wet leaves (it can cause an accident!), and regularly check your gutters for clogs. Keep your downspouts free-flowing to avoid costly damage to your home.

Stay Warm

You should also consider preparing your home to withstand not only the intense rain storms but the upcoming winter conditions. Insulating your pipes can prevent them from freezing over the winter. This is especially important in vacation homes, which are often left unattended over the cold months. Keeping your thermostat set to a low heat will aid in this 

This time of year is all about cozy fall vibes. Before firing up the chimney to enjoy the warm glow, have it professionally cleaned to prevent home fires. When lighting candles for ambiance or a pleasant aroma, never leave them unattended, and avoid letting them burn for longer than 4 hours at a time. 

Stay Safe

While The Yurconic Agency is in the business of insurance, we also want to help you avoid any costly claims! Making adjustments now or knowing what to look out for can help make your fall less risky. Protect your home, vehicles, and health – we can help!