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Summer Pool Safety Checklist Image

Summer is many of our favorite times of the year. Beaches, BBQs, summer nights, and no school! Okay, maybe only the kids are happy about that last one. But with the hot summer heat soon to arrive, it’s about that time of year to open your pools and get them ready to be used all season long. But pools can be quite the feat – and risk! – for your backyard. We compiled this handy Pool Safety Checklist to help you start the summer off on the right foot.

  • Perimeter Security

It is important to review your local town laws regarding backyard pools before jumping in. Some regulations may require a fence around the pool or yard and you should check that they latch properly to avoid unwelcome guests. Store the key to the gate somewhere safe and away from young children so they don’t slip in unsupervised. Finally, raise and securely latch your ladder, if applicable, and make sure all ladders are firmly cemented or screwed into a sturdy base. 

  • Yearly Maintenance

Every year when you open your pool there is a list of maintenance tasks to make your water clean and safe to swim in. Adding the right chemicals and testing your water at a local center or pool store can help you get on track. Ask the professionals at the pool store for customized help. Additionally, check your liner for tears and replace it as necessary. Inground pool liners can last 10-12 years, while above-ground can last 6-10, all depending on the quality of the liner. Finally, whether there is a patio, cement, or a deck surrounding or leading to your pool, it is important to check for cracks, bumps, hazards, wobbly floorboards, and nails and fix them accordingly. 

  • Protect Yourself!

Display the proper signage around your pool such as “No Diving,” the depth of the pool, swim at your own risk, etc. These signs provide good reminders to swimmers to be cautious about their choices. It is also a smart idea to become certified in CPR and renew your certification yearly to refresh your skills in case of an emergency. Enrolling your children in swim lessons will help them become more confident swimmers and ease your nerves when they’re in the pool. And don’t be afraid to sign up for swim lessons as an adult too! It’s never too late to learn. Additionally, store rescue equipment within the pool area for easy access. Finally, don’t forget to update your insurance agent with the addition of a new pool or safety upgrades. The Yurconic Agency can help you determine any necessary changes to your homeowner’s policy. 

Once your pool is secure and ready to go, jump in! We wish you an enjoyable summer well spent in your backyard oasis. YUR agents are always here in case you need advice or assistance in managing risk. Just reach out!