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Illustration of a pocket watch, a ring, pearls, and earrings

Jewelry protection isn’t just for engagement rings. It’s for any precious jewelry purchase or inheritance.

Buy yourself peace of mind, knowing that your jewelry is covered in the case of loss or theft.

There are countless reasons why you should insure a pricey, or priceless, piece of jewelry. Here’s a few of ours:

It’s Not Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

If the piece that you are insuring is expensive or has sentimental value, it is likely the value will not be covered under the standard homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

It’s a Priceless Heirloom

While money may never be able to buy back a priceless heirloom that is broken, lost, or stolen, having insurance protection may help ease the burden and pain associated with the loss.

It’s the Most Expensive Thing You Own

Jewelry is some of the most expensive possessions we own, and just like you insure your home or car, you should make sure coverage extends to engagement rings, wedding rings, or any precious jewel or jewelry item.

You Remove Your Jewelry for Work/Cleaning

Removing jewelry for work or to clean the house increases your risk of losing the piece.

Want to learn more about jewelry protection coverage? Contact one of our agents today to learn about a jewelry protection rider and what’s necessary to get full coverage for your jewelry today.