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An illustrated Pennsylvania Apportioned license plate

At The Yurconic Agency, we take pride in making registration and driver’s license services easier for you. This includes renewing your apportioned registration.

Apportioned registrations are needed by:

  • Any truck that drives out of PA and has 2 axles and a gross, registered, or combination weight that exceeds 26,000 lbs
  • Any truck that drives out of PA and has 3 axles regardless of weight
  • Non-chartered bus traveling outside of Pennsylvania

We are here to help! To learn what The Yurconic Agency can offer you and what you need to do, you can visit the Apportioned Registration drop down under our Vehicle Registration Services page.

Every apportioned registration in the state of Pennsylvania expires on May 31st. Here’s a glimpse at the timeline and process for renewal and how Yurconic can make the whole process easier:

  • By February 1st: IRP sends your renewal application.
  • By February 15th: You should receive your application. If you have not, call IRP at 1-800-932-4600 or 1-717-412-5300 (if calling from an out of state phone number) for a new application. If you have your mileage and application, then take it to The Yurconic Agency, and we can take care of submitting the application.
  • By March 15th: IRP should send your invoice. If you have not received an invoice, contact IRP.
  • Before May 1st: Bring your invoice and payment to The Yurconic Agency and we take care of sending payment to Harrisburg. If you visit our offices after May 1st, we can submit your payment and provide you with a temporary 60-day registration until IRP processes your payment.

Have questions about apportioned registration, or want us to take care of the registration process for you? Stop by your nearest location of The Yurconic Agency (except our American Parkway and Hazleton location) and we can help.