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Illustration a a girl holding an umbrella in the rain

Your insurance coverage comes with some limitations. Unfortunately for many, those limitations are not known until it is too late. That’s why our agents always recommend umbrella coverage for coverage gaps, no matter how big or small.

What is Umbrella Coverage?

Umbrella insurance policies are designed to help protect your personal property and assets against an accidental loss. This includes your existing assets as well as future assets such as wages or inheritance. It could even include lottery winnings.

Even if you do not have many assets to speak of now, this is still a coverage we recommend as the cost of a lawsuit could mean paying expensive fines that could result in your wages being garnished.

This policy is an extension of your other policies, such as auto and homeowners, and usually has a high deductible that is met by these other policies.

How an Umbrella Policy works:

Here are some example situations where umbrella insurance could save you when your other policies, such as homeowner’s or auto insurance, could fall flat:

  • You cause a pileup on the highway and your auto insurance does not have sufficient coverage to handle damage to all vehicles involved. This could also cover the medical bills of the drivers involved.
  • Your dog bites someone going for a walk.
  • Your kids bring their friends to your vacation home for the weekend and one of their friends gets seriously injured and their parent’s sue.
  • You own a pool, trampoline, or recreational vehicles/boats that others use.

These are just a few examples of when umbrella coverage is necessary, but the policy is not limited to these situations. It is also recommended if you use social media as a personal brand, if you often rate or review products online, if you own vacant land, or are a landlord of a property, and so much more. And, umbrella insurance covers more than the policy holder, the coverage extends to all other members of the family and household.

Sleep better with peace-of-mind coverage from the agents at The Yurconic Agency. Call us today to learn how umbrella coverage can help you stay protected. Call our agents at 610-770-6600.