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Up, Up, & Away – But Don’t Forget These Important Travel Preparations! Image

Spring break, summer vacation, or even just weekend road trips are exciting getaways to relax, recharge, and explore new places. But all the packing and planning can be stressful! The Yurconic Agency put together the following tips to help your trip go off without a hitch.

Home Security & Pet Safety

Before you turn the lock on your door and head out on the road, in the sky, or another mode of transportation, secure your home to ensure there are no issues while away. Invest in a home security system or video doorbell and alarm them upon departure. These systems could even qualify you for a discount on your home insurance!

Setting a light on a timer to give the illusion someone is home can also deter burglaries. Ask a neighbor or trusted friend to collect your newspaper and mail so it doesn’t pile up. Finally, if you have pets, prepare a sitting service or make reservations at a kennel so your furry best friend is taken care of while you’re away. Investing in pet insurance can also help you save on bills in case they get sick or an injury occurs while you’re away. 

Travel Documents & Vehicle Preparedness

Road trips are a popular and inexpensive vacation option for those looking to get away. But making sure your car is ready for the road can be a lot of work! Check your vehicle’s tire pressure and oil and fluid levels, pack an emergency preparedness kit just in case, and make sure you have the necessary documents like insurance and registration paperwork. Signing up for an EZ Pass is also a smart way to save money on tolls during a long drive.

If you’re renting a vehicle at your destination or parking your own car at a long-term lot at an airport or train station, take photos around the vehicle to reference back to later in case of damage for your insurance claim. Our agents can also help review your current auto policy for the proper coverage or change your policy to reflect your travel needs. 

Finally, make sure your travel documents are up to date and unexpired. Passport renewals can sometimes take weeks to receive so it is imperative you fill out the paperwork with ample time to spare. If your Driver’s License is up for renewal or you need to change some information on your ID, some Yurconic Agency locations can assist you with the process. Our staff can take government-approved driver’s license photos, help with an address change or renewal, and other services. We can also assist in vehicle registration services to help you avoid the long lines at the DMV. 

While you’re making your packing list for your trip, don’t forget these important preparations that can cause issues if something were to go wrong while you’re away. Your vacation is a time to relax and the last thing you need is any stress! The Yurconic Agency has a variety of services to help keep your mind on island time, so reach out today!