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With the busiest travel week approaching, The Yurconic Agency wants to make sure you’re prepared to tackle the holiday rush. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving sees exceedingly high airport traffic, while the day of produces domestic auto congestion. However you’re going to see loved ones this holiday, our guide will ensure a smooth holiday trip that you’re bound to be thankful for.

If You’re Driving…

Most Thanksgiving-related holiday driving occurs round-trip on that Thursday. Keep this in mind to plan ahead your route or travel on a different day to avoid congestion.

For those long road trips, tolls are inevitable. E-Z Pass holders sometimes pay less for tolls, have faster lanes, and help you avoid that last-minute panic searching for exact change or loose bills to pay the attendant. Make sure your vehicle is registered to your E-Z Pass account and get yours at The Yurconic Agency for just $43

It is illegal to drive your car without a valid registration. Officers can still issue you a ticket even if you cross state lines. Ensure your vehicle is registered and visit us to renew your registration and receive your new card on the spot. 

Long trips mean your car will be working overtime. You may feel prepared by checking your oil and tires before taking off, but what about those uncontrollable mishaps that can happen on the road? Auto insurance is not only important, it’s required. There are different types that supply coverage at various levels that fit your needs. The Yurconic Agency can help understand your unique driving situation and find you the best coverage at the best rates.

If You’re Flying…

Pack light and avoid checking bags if you can. This will allow for extra time to get through security and avoid any lost-baggage disasters. 

TSA inspects more than triple the average daily passengers during Thanksgiving week. TSA PreCheck allows a smoother and quicker screening process, along with a separate line for pre approved travelers. If you’re not a member, make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to go through security and make your flight. Have your identification documents ready and up to date. Know your state’s travel laws and renew your license at a Yurconic Agency near you.

Finally, choose to fly out on an off day like Monday, Thanksgiving morning, or Friday to avoid the holiday rush.

Plan Ahead and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you’re traveling to loved ones or staying home this holiday season, having a plan to ensure a drama-free holiday experience will ease your anxieties, stress, and leave you ready to tackle any day-of setbacks. If you’re leaving your home unattended, make sure your thermostat is set to an ideal temperature to avoid any frozen pipes, set your alarm system, and have an insurance policy that will protect you in case of unwanted visitors. The Yurconic Agency is standing by and ready to fulfill all your personal insurance (and beyond!) needs. Call us today to make sure you’re prepared for a thankful holiday! 610-770-6600