Agency Profile Featured in IA Magazine

yurconic-newJohn Yurconic Agency was featured in Insight + Analysis for the Independent Agent. Titled “A Big Footprint,” the article in IA Magazine highlighted the firm’s position as the number one provider of medical malpractice insurance for podiatrists, endorsed by the Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association. The insurance agency profile starts with an overview of our recent growth and the addition of our new agency support specialist position.

A quote by Colleen Driscoll, COO highlights our value-added services like third-party management for the workers comp claims of some clients. A quote by President John T. Yurconic emphasizes the completion of three acquisition plans and the importance of trained and qualified producers. Finally, Marketing Coordinator Joanna Ballan describes how social media like Facebook has allowed for organic traffic and genuine interaction between customers and the insurance agency. Instead of relying on unsolicited surveys, social media opens channels of communication that allow for a better understanding of the needs and interests of customers.

Notary Services – In-Transit Plate

Are you selling your car to someone out of state and don’t want to let them leave with your plate? Or, maybe you are buying a car in Pennsylvania but don’t have a residence here? The John Yurconic Agency can help you by issuing an in-transit plate! An in-transit plate is a 30 day temporary plate that makes you legal to drive the vehicle back to your home state. This will help put the seller and purchaser’s mind at ease and make everything legal. When you arrive at the John Yurconic Agency, we will need the PA title, seller and purchaser’s valid (not expired) driver’s license or state ID and the purchaser’s insurance card. The insurance card has to be in the purchaser’s name and not expired. It does NOT have to be on the vehicle being purchased. We will enter the purchaser’s information into the system and the purchaser will leave with the original title, temporary registration card and temporary cardboard plate. These items are valid for 30 days. Within that time frame, you must title and register the vehicle in the state you reside in. We will give the seller a copy of the notarized title for their records. The seller should remove their current Pennsylvania license plate. If it is still valid there are a few options for that plate. If the owner is purchasing another vehicle they can transfer that plate onto the new vehicle. If they are not planning on using the plate for another vehicle we can send it back to the state for a fee. If the plate is expired, the owner may destroy the plate or retain it.

John Yurconic Agency Launches NEW Web Platform

The John Yurconic Agency has a new website, which includes multiple interactive elements for their customers.

Insurance Manager Patricia D. Sauka, AAI said she believes the John Yurconic Agency is the first to offer such functionality, which is based on the needs identified for JYA customers.

“I think our clients expect a certain level of engagement and service from our agency,” she said.

Patricia and Joanna Ballan, the John Yurconic Agency’s Marketing Coordinator, have both seen much success and interactivity already. Ballan said during one afternoon, she received 9 or 10 inquiries, regarding how to obtain personal and business insurance coverage.

“It was really great to interact with customers,” she said.

Ballan credited Sauka with spearheading the effort for a new website. The John Yurconic Agency’s prior website was probably more than 5 years old and quite bland, she said.

In addition to the numerous interactive and functional elements, the new website looks much more modern and is better organized, Sauka said.

Customer Dave Cruts this week told JYA team members he thinks the new website is outstanding.

“I thought it was a huge improvement over the old one. I easily accessed their site via my iPhone with no problem at all. Furthermore, I found it extremely informative, in a fun and engaging way” he told the JYA team.

The team at the John Yurconic Agency worked closely with team members from CMorganelli Designs, a creative web agency, located in Hellertown PA.

Founder and CEO Chris Morganelli said “We were honored to have been chosen by the John Yurconic Agency to collaborate and team with.  Their staff  was a pleasure to work while we planned, designed, and developed such a robust and modern website. We look forward to a long working relationship with the John Yurconic Agency.”

John Yurconic Agency – Putting Our Customers 1st!

At the John Yurconic Agency, with keeping our client’s assets and interests foremost in our daily management, our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectation of service and quality.

Our customer reviews speak for themselves!

“I came in to do a title search, title transfer, a registration change of address. It was all so confusing. Brittany M. handled it promptly, professionally and with a smile!”

—   Tammy M.

“Danna did an amazing job in assisting me with my registration and title needs!”

—   Travis B.

John Yurconic Agency – Insurance Coverage

Welcome to the John Yurconic Agency’s new and improved website. As you can see we have created a cutting edge web platform for presentation purposes!

We hope you find this “News & Announcements” component informative and fun. Our site has been redesigned and developed in a responsive designed format for your convenient viewing pleasure, from desktop to mobile.

Some great new features:

  • Hover Cover – Browser, or “hover” over different insurance offerings and learn how we can provide you COVER!
  • Social Media Connections – Be sure to connect with us on all of our Social Media outlets. You don’t want to miss what JYA is up to!
  • …and more!


Your Friends at JYA

Flood Insurance Dissected by John Walsh

Flood Insurance covers physical damage to your building or personal property “directly” caused by a flood. Directly means that the flood must be the cause of damage. As stated above flood coverage falls into two categories: building and personal property. Determining which section covers what can be difficult. For instance air conditioning window units are covered by personal property while central air conditioning equipment is covered under building.  Here are general guidelines for what is covered by each section.

Building Property coverage insures: building and foundation; electrical and plumbing systems; central air conditioners; refrigerators, stoves, and built-in appliances like dishwashers; permanently installed carpeting, paneling, wallboard, bookcases, and cabinets; window blinds; debris removal.

Personal Property coverage insures: clothing, furniture, and electronic equipment, curtains, portable and window air conditioners, portable microwaves and portable dishwashers, carpets, washers and dryers, food freezers and food in them, certain valuable items can be covered up to $2,500.

As you can see a general rule of thumb is permanently installed fixtures and appliances would be covered under building property while portable appliances would be covered under personal property.

Here’s a list of what is not covered by your Flood Insurance policy:

  • Damage caused by moisture, mildew, or mold that could have been avoided by property owner
  • Currency, precious metals, and valuable papers (stock certificates)
  • Property and belongings outside a building ( e.g. septic systems, patios, fences, pools, plants)
  • Living expenses for temporary housing
  • Financial loss caused by business interruption or loss of insured property

Whether you need Easton insurance, Northampton insurance, or insurance in Reading and Allentown, Pa, contact The John Yurconic Agency.  We’re the Pennsylvania Insurance Agent  who has the solution for you!