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Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will be replacing the structurally deficient bridge at an intersection on Cedar Crest Boulevard in front of our Cedar Crest Office. Please call us at 610-770-6600 for help with directions or more information. Thank you.

What is Christy’s Corner?

The John Yurconic Agency has recently added a new, fun and informative component to our website. Christy’s Corner. Here you will see posts with helpful insurance tips, coverage explanations, and some fun facts! Feel free to leave her a reply and ask a question, or request a post on specific topics. She is here to help!

So just who is this Christy person? Check out her bio here.

*NOTE: This content is not intended to provide binding or individual advice. Contacting our agency or reading materials on this website does not create a client relationship. Past results do not predict future outcomes as each case stands on its own. For full disclaimer, click here.

A fun and interactive way to learn about coverages we offer.  Each time you “hover” over an icon  a description of the coverage will appear.

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