Podiatric Medical Assurance of Florida (PMAF)

In today’s uncertain work environment, it is usually helpful to have a comprehensive insurance coverage that suits your needs. If you are a member of the Florida Podiatric Medical Association, John Yurconic Agency allows you to get the Podiatric Medical Assurance of Florida program quite simply. The PMAF program is a distinct insurance program that is designed to cover your professional practice.


The PMAF program suits every FPMA member because it offers lower rates, allowing members to enjoy larger savings than their current plans. This program is catered to podiatric professionals, so you are confident that it touches on the specifics of the practice.

Program Benefits

Podiatrists who join this insurance program are set to enjoy several benefits such as corporate coverage option, medical waste legal cost coverage, sexual misconduct defense coverage, Medicare/Medicaid legal defense approval, surgical and non-surgical coverage available and prior acts coverage. Such coverage allows you to focus on improving your practice.

Professional Discounts

In addition to the different benefits, PMAF program offers members several ways to save on their coverage plans. With discounts such as new practitioner, the volume of practice, claims free, board certification, risk management, and part time, you can enjoy an affordable policy that suits your profession.

Exceptional Experience

With more years in catering toward podiatrists, the PMAF program has changed over time to allow holders to reap maximum benefits. The program has been active in Florida for over 12 years through a devoted insurance company that ensures personalized coverage to podiatric professionals.

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