Podiatric Medical Assurance of Pennsylvania (PMAP)

Being a member of the Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association (PPMA) allows you to contribute to sustainable podiatric medicine. Members are also eligible for an exclusive insurance program, Podiatric Medical Assurance of Pennsylvania (PMAP). This insurance protects your professional practice and saves you money.


By opting for PMAP, you enjoy low rates for your insurance, saving you more on your policy. This policy is designed for PPMA members, so you can be certain that your interests are taken into account. The PPMA recommends that PMAP helps its members take full advantage of the policy’s benefits.

Program Benefits

Having a PMAP coverage policy allows you to enjoy benefits that include sexual misconduct defense coverage, medical waste legal expense coverage, prior acts coverage, surgical and non-surgical coverage, and Medicare/Medicaid legal defense endorsement. These benefits give you peace of mind to enjoy life knowing that you are well protected.

Professional Discounts

Your profession and PPMA membership give you additional benefits. You can enjoy discounts such as new practitioner, part-time, board certification, claims free, and risk management. Take advantage of these discounts to cut your rates.

Exceptional Experience

With over 20 years’ experience in insuring podiatrists, the PMAP has been designed with the needs of these professionals in mind. It takes into account the scope and details of the practice to ensure every podiatrist enjoys personalized coverage. This is possible thanks to the PPMA’s endorsement.

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