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Protect Your Business From Physical Damage

Damage to your business’s building or any commercial property for that matter can be a major set back to your business. Thankfully, The Yurconic Agency business lines team is ready to assess your business needs and set you up with insurance that protects your commercial property from theft, damage, and destruction due to fire or natural disaster.

Customizable Coverage

Personal Property / Contents
Property Damage
Income Loss

Here are some examples of how commercial property coverage helps business owners:

  • Pays to repair damage to buildings or structures in the event of a fire
  • Covers losses to your contents such as stolen or damaged furniture or equipment
  • Protects loss of income as a result of direct physical damage to your property
  • Pays to repair damage to your property improvements and betterments in the event of a claim
  • Flood insurance can protect against damage to buildings and contents