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Understanding The Basics

A General Liability policy is crucial for any business that offers a service or sells a product. General Liability protects businesses from things like an injury that happens to a customer on your property. It can also cover bodily injury relating to your company’s operations, or any damage done to a customer’s property while on the job. General Liability insurance also protects your business if you’re sued by a third party, and it offers some coverage for your building if you own it.

Your business needs general liability insurance if:

  • You ever meet with clients at your business or their business
  • Have any physical access to a client’s equipment 
  • When a business signs a contract with you
  • If you sell a product or offer a service

We Fight For You

We don’t just fill out the paperwork for an insurance policy. Our passion comes from knowing your business is protected. We support you and your business throughout every step of this coverage journey.