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Just Like You, Podiatry Is Our Specialty

The Yurconic Agency has more than twenty-five years of experience insuring Podiatric Physicians in Pennsylvania and Florida. At The Yurconic Agency we provide comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance tailored to protect the specific risks associated with operating a podiatric practice.

Why Choose The Most Experienced Insurer For Podiatric Physicians?

PICA has insured Podiatric Physicians for more than 35 years and PMAP, PMAA, & PMAF have provided Professional Liability insurance programs for more than 25. No other insurance provider or Professional Liability insurance program has the expertise in podiatric claims handling, with policy features that will protect your assets, reputation, and practice. 

We have consistently provided medical malpractice protection to the podiatric community longer and without interruption than any of our competitors all thanks to broad underwriting acceptability at the lowest responsible rates.

Endorsements: Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association and Florida Podiatric Medical Association.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits and features included within the Podiatric Medical Assurance of Pennsylvania (PMAP), Podiatric Medical Assurance of America (PMAA), and the Podiatric Medical Assurance of Florida (PMAF) Professional Liability insurance programs.

PMAP, PMAA, and PMAF include the following:

  • The Industry’s Lowest Responsible Rates
  • Podiatric Medical Association Membership Discount
  • Surgical and Non-Surgical Policies
  • Occurrence Policies (Available in Pennsylvania Only)
  • Claims Made Policies (Available in All States)
  • All Claims Reviewed by Podiatric Physicians
  • Corporate Coverage Option is Available
  • Board Certification Discount Availability
  • Risk Management Discount
  • Claims Free Discount
  • New Practitioner Discount
  • Expansive Administrative Defense Coverage (ADC) $100,000 Limit of Liability
  • Cyber Liability Coverage
  • Consent to Settle Per Policy Provisions
  • Free Retirement Tail Per Policy Provisions