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Back-To-School Coverage That Makes The Grade Image

As your student prepares for the upcoming semester, the back-to-school checklist can start to feel never-ending. It can be hard to know where exactly to start, but luckily the team at Yurconic can help! We offer a wide variety of insurance options that can put your mind at ease while your student earns their degree. 

Discounts for Making the Grade 

While it is not always easy to maintain a stellar GPA, it can pay off when it comes to a “good student discount.” If your student receives higher grades, they can earn lower premiums on auto insurance! This comes back to the principle that if they are responsible in the classroom, they are more likely to be responsible out on the road.

If your student’s school is over 100 miles away and they are not bringing a car with them, you may also qualify for a discount. These offers may vary by insurance provider, but Yurconic is here to assist you in deciding which option works best for you and your student. 

Home Away from Home 

For students who live at school, on or off campus, it is important that your property is protected from any type of damages. For those who are living on campus, they are usually covered under their parents’ homeowners policy. If your student is living off campus, you want them to be prepared for any issues that may arise in a rental. 

Most lease agreements require renters’ insurance, but either way it is a good idea to add that extra layer of protection. It can help protect your student and personal property from liability such as theft or damage to laptops, smartphones, bikes, books, instruments, sports equipment, furniture and even visitors to their home. You can also inquire with one of our agents to check to see if they are covered under your current homeowners policy.

Shift Gears into Commuter Coverage 

If your student decides to commute to and from school, their insurance coverage is just as important, if not more. While all students should be covered by auto insurance, it is integral that those traveling back and forth each day are covered in case of any incidents that may occur. The more you’re on the road, the bigger chance of an issue occurring. Commuting can provide a wide variety of benefits, but without a correct car insurance policy, there are many risks that can outweigh the positives. 
One of the most important things you can do to make sure your student is ready for the upcoming school year is to prepare them for any issues that may come their way. The Yurconic Agency is here to help you do just that! If you have any questions regarding what types of policies will work best for you and your student, call the team at The Yurconic Agency today!